Essentia offers web-accessible tools for health, science and technology businesses. These tools empower you to "Know your space, so you can Control your space".  Essentia is best know for our AdTrends™ Reports -- Online Intel Tools that rapidly report advertising activity in print and digital media intended to serve a wide range of decision-makers in roles such as Marketing, MarComm, Product Management, and R&D / Product Launch. Essentia products and services cater specifically to clients whose unique intelligence demands are highly technical and evolving. Essentia is known for its data accuracy and technical acumen. We speak tech and understand the unque challenges and needs of technical marketing. Our team has industry experience in life science and high tech as well as extensive marketing experience. The AGORA™ Knowledgebase is one piece in ESSENTIA's suite of intel tools for media intelligence. If you have questions, custom needs, or require more information than you see, please ask us.

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